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21 arrested on drug charges in narcotics drug bust

Several persons were recently arrested in Holyoke under accusations of various drug crimes. Operation Tidal Wave consisted of the joint efforts of federal officials and Massachusetts state and local police departments. In total, 21 people were arrested on drug charges.

Operation Tidal Wave is reportedly a component of the state's heroin initiative, which targets alleged drug dealers -- specifically narcotics dealers -- on our streets. These specific investigations focused on those who reportedly sold drugs to undercover officers. However, the details surrounding what led the police to initially investigate these particular individuals, as well as the details around their specific arrests, were not publicly released. It is also unclear whether the persons arrested are accused of being part of a larger narcotics organization.

Brothers accused of drug charges after heroin overdose

When a person overdoses after using illegal drugs, the authorities may try to discern from whom the person obtained the drugs, in an effort to make an arrest. This process can often prove to be difficult, and it can be even more challenging to prove any criminal charges in court. Two Massachusetts brothers were recently arrested on drug charges resulting from an investigation into a heroin overdose.

In February, a 25-year-old died from what investigators believe was a heroin overdose. Local authorities decided to look into how the individual obtained the illegal substance in the first place. When they looked through the deceased's phone, they allegedly discovered text messages between the deceased and another man shortly before he passed away. Allegedly, the text messages seemed to indicate that the two met 12 minutes before the deceased's 911 call.

Supreme Judicial Court decision affects pot search, drug arrest

Since our nation as a whole is changing its perspective about the use of marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes, it is only natural that our state begins to make new judicial decisions concerning laws about the drug. A decision regarding marijuana possession inside a person's vehicle has recently been ruled in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. This new decision has made it illegal for an officer of the law to continue searching a citizen's vehicle and ultimately make a drug arrest based on the smell of unburnt marijuana in the car if a legal amount of the drug has already been found.

In 2008, our state decriminalized having small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. Using this law as the basis of their investigation, the Supreme Judicial Court decided to examine a case in a lower court to determine the legality of the police search and resulting arrest. This case concerns the actions taken by police officers after responding to a car accident.

Apartment search leads to drug charges, $1 million of marijuana

After a man was pulled over during a traffic stop, he was eventually arrested under suspicion of drug crimes. During the traffic stop, the investigating Massachusetts officer claimed that the man had multiple false identities, and the officer arrested him. It is not clear how, but the officers were able to obtain a search warrant on his apartment. They allegedly found a large amount of drugs within the residence, and drug charges were added to the man's motor vehicle charges.

The man was driving his car in Worcester when a Massachusetts State Police officer pulled him over for unknown reasons. When the officer approached the vehicle and began to question the man, the officer claimed that the car the man was driving was improperly registered. Supposedly, the name under which the car was registered was a false identity. The officer further claimed that the man owned invalid Social Security numbers and two different driver's licenses.

Retired pediatrician faces criminal charges for child pornography

For a parent, choosing a pediatrician can be a stressful task. Not only do parents want to take their children to credible, experienced pediatricians, but parents also want to be able to go to a pediatrician they feel they can trust. For over 30 years, parents in Massachusetts and in other states entrusted a pediatrician with their children's care. However, much to the shock of people who have known him and have worked with him, that man now faces criminal charges for child pornography.

The pediatrician worked in another state for more than 30 years straight, and then he retired and moved to Massachusetts. He has been working part-time in our state since 2011. The pediatrician was under investigation here for an unknown amount of time, and he was recently arrested.

Eyewitness account leads to assault and battery charges

Sometimes, criminal cases rely heavily on eyewitness testimony because they do not have many other pieces of "hard" evidence, such as DNA or fingerprints, etc. Unfortunately, studies have shown that eyewitness testimony is not always the most reliable form of evidence because people do not tend to remember events in exact detail, and these details can even become skewed. A man was recently arrested in Massachusetts for assault and battery after the statements of witnesses purportedly led the police to him.

The local police responded to a call at around 7:30 p.m. concerning a disturbance. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered that a man was lying in the road unconscious. The officers called an ambulance, and the man apparently suffered substantial head injuries. However, he is now reportedly in stable condition.

Massachusetts man faces drug charges after vehicle search

Any time a vehicle is stopped and searched by police officers, there are certain protocols that the officers must follow. For example, first and foremost, the search of the vehicle must be legal. Otherwise, any alleged evidence that the officers might find could be inadmissible in court. A man was recently stopped by police officers in Massachusetts, and he was eventually arrested on drug charges.

The events that led the police to stop the man's Honda Accord and pull the vehicle over are unclear. Nevertheless, the officers claim that he was stopped and pulled over for a motor vehicle violation. Typically, the driver of the vehicle must give his or her consent for the officers to search the vehicle, and it is unclear if the man voiced his consent.

3 accused of drug trafficking charges for heroin, meth

After surveying a hotel, three men were eventually arrested under allegations of drug crimes. The authorities claim that they seized two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and five kilograms of heroin from the men's Massachusetts hotel room and their vehicle. The three face drug trafficking charges as well as conspiracy to violate the Controlled Drug Act.

It is not clear what led the Massachusetts state authorities along with the Drug Enforcement Administration to survey the men's hotel room. However, once the authorities spotted two of the men leave the room with a duffel bag and get into a car, the investigators followed them and eventually pulled them over. The details of the traffic stop and subsequent search were not made publicly available, but the officers claim that they found four kilograms of heroin inside the duffel bag within the car.

5 Logan Airport employees arrested for criminal charges

Resulting from an incident at Logan Airport, five airport employees were recently arrested for white collar crimes. The five individuals allegedly attempted to smuggle thousands of dollars from Massachusetts to another state, and the authorities believe that this money constituted drug proceeds. The accused individuals face criminal charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States and money laundering.

Four out of the five accused individuals worked as crew members for ground operations, and the fifth person was a customer service ramp agent. The authorities claim that the persons used their airport security clearance that all employees have in order to bypass TSA checkpoints. The persons are accused of smuggling $417,000 in cash over nine transactions.

Woman accused of drunk driving after fatal I-291 crash

A woman was arrested recently for a number of criminal offenses after an early morning fatal accident on I-291. The Massachusetts authorities say that the woman ran into the back of a tractor-trailer, resulting in the death of her passenger. The investigators suspect that the woman's behavior was due to drunk driving.

Both vehicles were heading east on the Interstate in Springfield. The big rig pulled over off of the Interstate and onto the roadside for reasons that were not reported. Subsequently, a 2011 Nisan Altima was said to have crossed over the line and rear-ended the truck. The 22-year-old driver of the Altima had to be transported to an area hospital. Her 25-year-old passenger, however, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

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