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Police arrest man for firearms and charges from 2012

According to reports, a Massachusetts man was taken into custody by Worcester police on Feb. 24 for multiple charges including some dating back to a 2012 investigation. Officers reportedly stopped him initially for driving with a revoked license.

The 38-year-old Worcester man was reportedly seen driving a Honda Pilot with livery license plates in the area of Endicott and Millbury Street. Worcester vice squad members were apparently in the area doing surveillance at the time. They stopped the man because an officer claimed to recognize him and to know his license was revoked.

Man accused of robbery after incident at market

A man in Massachusetts was accused of robbing a convenience market at gunpoint on Feb. 18. Police say the incident occurred at a Honey Farms store in Worcester at 6:15 p.m. According to police, the 35-year-old accused man walked into the store, informed the store clerk that he was armed with a gun and demanded money several times.

After the store clerk handed the man an unknown amount of cash, the man reportedly fled the scene in a taxicab. Detectives looking into the case used video surveillance footage from the store to help them identify the accused robber, and a still photo that was taken from the surveillance video was passed around the police department. At the time, there was an outstanding warrant to arrest the accused man for a separate criminal offense.

Police arrest 4 for heroin distribution in Tewksbury

Law enforcement officers with the Tewksbury Police Department arrested four people for their alleged involvement in distributing heroin. The four were arrested on Feb. 10 at several locations in the city.

According to reports, the arrests came on the heels of an investigation conducted by narcotics officers with the department. A 27-year-old Tewksbury man was arrested for possession with intent to distribute heroin and distribution of heroin. Arrested from the same address was a 64-year-old man for possession with intent to distribute both heroin and cocaine. A 22-year-old woman was also arrested for possession with intent to distribute heroin. The woman lived at a different residence. Finally, a 28-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested for possession of heroin.

3 men facing charges after traffic stop for broken taillight

Three Massachusetts residents were handed criminal charges after a traffic stop on Jan. 31, according to a report from the Massachusetts State Police. The incident occurred while the three individuals were traveling southbound along Route 395 in Oxford. A Sturbridge barracks trooper stopped the vehicle at about 9:15 p.m. after noticing that one of its taillights had gone out.

The 25-year-old driver of the vehicle was allegedly found to be driving without a valid license. When the trooper inspected the vehicle, drugs were allegedly found inside. A 34-year-old passenger sitting in the backseat of the car was also allegedly found with a significant quantity of cocaine in his possession. As a result of the trooper's discoveries, the driver was charged with Class B narcotics drug possession and the back seat passenger was handed a charge for trafficking cocaine. The driver was also cited for defective equipment.

Parolee accused of drug trafficking, possession

Officers with the Westport Police Department and a parole officer arrested a Westport man for drugs on Jan. 28. The arrest followed a discovery of the drugs by the parole officer, who then reportedly contacted the police.

The 55-year-old Westport man was apparently on parole for previous drug offenses. His parole officer searched the man's home and allegedly discovered cocaine, narcotic pills and $11,300 in cash. When law enforcement officers responded, they found cocaine, oxycodone, morphine, alprazolam, suboxone, suboxone strips and marijuana.

Massachusetts Housing Authority director accused of theft

According to news reports, the executive director of the Stoughton Housing Authority was arraigned on Jan. 5 on charges of larceny from a building, larceny of over $250 from someone older than 60 and theft of a controlled substance. He was also charged with breaking and entering. The charges, which are all felonies, stem from allegations that he stole medication from an elderly resident.

Investigators claim that the 90-year-old victim had an opiate pain pill prescription filled in December 2014. The prescription was for 120 pills, and the woman reportedly took just one each day. Two days later, a family member counted the number of pills remaining and counted 61 instead of 118. After installing video surveillance, the family contacted police and an investigation was launched. This led to the man being taken into custody on Jan. 2.

2 men detained in connection with alleged robberies

Law enforcement authorities with the South Easton Police Department apprehended two men on Jan. 14 in connection with an alleged attempted robbery. Upon questioning, one of the men, a 24-year-old South Easton man, reportedly admitted to committing two robberies on Jan. 13 in addition to the attempted robbery on Jan. 14.

Officers reportedly received a call regarding an attempted robbery on Jan. 14 and responded to the White Rose Pantry convenience store on Turnpike Street. According to officers, a man had allegedly tried to rob the store while wearing a black ski mask. The man apparently did not secure any money from the store before running away.

Massachusetts police chase ends in Malden River, OUI suspected

After starting a police chase in Melrose, a man said to be operating under the influence of alcohol drove into the Malden River in an effort to evade law enforcement on Jan. 4. The Melorse man was apprehended and is being held without bail because of the circumstances leading to his arrest, which qualified him for a dangerous person hearing.

The Melrose Police Department received calls at about 1:30 a.m. from the neighbors of a man who threw the family Christmas tree onto his lawn, broke his front door and fought with his wife. When the authorities arrived, the man attempted to drive away in his pickup truck but first struck a police car. This led to a chase through Melrose that ended in Malden when the man drove his truck into the river, and the driver also reportedly hit two parked cars during the chase.

Massachusetts woman apprehended following alleged bank robbery

Police say that a 46-year-old woman was taken into custody after she tried to rob the Leominster Credit Union in Worcester on Dec. 26. According to authorities, the woman demanded in a note that a female teller put an undisclosed amount of money inside of a bag. Witnesses say that the woman, a resident of Worcester, yelled at the teller while gathering the funds.

Reports indicate that the woman was detained by police after collecting the money and attempting to flee the scene. She was charged with unarmed robbery. No one was injured during the theft despite several people being in the credit union at the time of the alleged theft. The money was recovered by police and returned to the bank.

Massachusetts man charged with trafficking drugs valued at $300k

Following a lengthy investigation, law enforcement authorities detained a Springfield man after reportedly finding over $300,000 worth of heroin and cocaine in his home. Officers with the Springfield Police Department apprehended the man on Dec. 19.

According to reports, officers sought and obtained a search warrant for the man's home. Upon execution of the warrant, they allegedly found heroin, cocaine, $58,000 in cash, handguns, drug paraphernalia and marijuana. The 31-year-old man was held in custody without bond following his arrest.

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