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Passenger and driver faced with drug charges after speeding

People who are arrested on drug charges can face very serious consequences if the prosecution obtains a conviction. Although Massachusetts authorities are only trying to do their job, there can always be a chance for an error. If a person is convicted on drug charges, the repercussions are very serious and can lead to extensive time spent in a penitentiary or heavy monetary fines, depending on the circumstances.

According to a Massachusetts state trooper, a car was traveling over the speed limit, and appeared to be weaving in and out of the lanes. When the officer pulled over the driver, he claimed that the male driver was nervous and sweaty. The female passenger was allegedly fidgeting and kept moving her hands near her waist and under her jacket.

Long-term drug investigation ends with drug charges for 2 men

If a person is accused of being involved with drugs, the repercussions for getting convicted can land him or her into a lot of trouble with the law. Massachusetts authorities do what they can to keep the streets clean because of all of the dangers associated with drugs, such as health conditions and even death. Though most media outlets do their best to cover the most accurate story possible, there are occasions in which the whole story does not come out. Being faced with drug charges is a very serious matter and the person being charged should be tried in a court of law rather than in the court of public opinion.

After a recent six-month investigation, authorities broke up an alleged drug ring, resulting in the arrest of two men. One of the men owned a hauling business and he was allegedly using his vehicles to transport heroin and cocaine. According to an affidavit, the drugs were stashed in secret compartments inside the vehicles. A witness claimed that the man had been engaged in this activity for over seven years.

Woman pulled over for drunk driving ends up with more charges

After a long day or a lot of stress, any person would be in a hurry to get home. Any Massachusetts driver could easily stop watching his or her speedometer and go a little quicker than what is allowed. The police have a responsibility to watch the roads for any type of infraction such as speeding or drunk driving, and they do their best to keep the roads safe at the first sign of danger.

After what a woman claimed was a long day, she was pulled over by the police. Allegedly she was driving after midnight and was going faster than the posted speed limit. Reportedly, the police caught up to her when she had slowed down a little near an on-ramp and then began to driver faster again. Police claim that she was driving near 100 mph, but she was eventually pulled over.

Man charged with a sex crime after using an online dating site

Online dating is something that is taken lightly by many people and sometimes these chance encounters may end up differently than both people had expected. After visiting someone in person from an online dating site, a Massachusetts woman claims she was the victim of a sex crime. She alleges that after two months of chatting back and forth over the website, she believed that she was going to be meeting up with someone whom she had known in junior high school. The two eventually decided that it would be a good idea to get together in person.

The woman alleges that she met the man in a local restaurant and afterward, he supposedly asked her to watch a movie at his residence. She claims that she was comfortable accepting the offer because of mutual acquaintances. However, once she arrived at his home, she alleges that she was raped. She put a restraining order in place and got in contact with the police.

Woman faces child endangerment and drunk driving charges

Drivers who are careless on the road are a danger to themselves and to the other people around them, including the people inside the vehicles they are operating. If a person is under the influence, it is his or her personal responsibility to realize that he or she should not get behind the wheel. Recently, a Massachusetts woman received drunk driving charges for doing just that.

A woman and her young daughter were in the car together when she crashed into a minivan. She allegedly ran through a red light and then she hit the minivan. The van was pushed into an icy pond and partially submerged. According to a video accompanying the report, inside was a woman, her two children and a teenage friend.

2 shop owners are caught after an investigation on drug charges

One of the responsibilities of the police is to keep drugs off the streets in order to provide a safe environment for everyone. When those individuals who are selling drugs are out in the open, it may be far easier for Massachusetts authorities to catch someone on drug charges. If a person is selling inside his or her place of business, however, he or she may be much harder to catch in the act.

After an eight-month investigation of two shop owners, the search came to a head. A search warrant was served to a man who owns a market in Dorchester where police allegedly found a gambit of different illegal items, including drugs, cutting agents, a large amount of cash and firearms. All of these items were apparently confiscated by authorities.

Two men are brought up on drug charges after a train transaction

Being arrested for distributing drugs is a very serious offense accompanied by heavy repercussions. Massachusetts law enforcement has a responsibility to its residents to keep the streets clean by placing people who distribute drugs behind bars. Those who face drug charges could be paying heavy penalties and spend some time in jail for the crime.

Two men are being accused of allegedly completing a drug transaction while they were aboard a train. Detectives are claiming that they saw a drug change hands between the two men. The drug the detectives believed that they saw being exchanged was an amphetamine. Authorities say that the transaction occurred in the late afternoon when the train was pulling into the station.

State trooper is hit by someone drunk driving

Law enforcement patrol the streets in an effort to keep all drivers safe. That job does have some risk involved when working on a Massachusetts highway. One of the ways that a trooper can be injured while doing his or her job is when a person is speeding. Another potential way an officer can be injured is from a person who is drunk driving.

During the late evening on Feb. 10, a crew was working on some lights on the turnpike. The road was to be blocked by a state trooper so that the work could be completed. As the trooper was closing off the lane, his cruiser was hit by a car.

Police are searching for a man accused of drug charges

Local and federal authorities are banding together to make some changes by cleaning up the streets. By combining forces, both are looking to rid Massachusetts of drugs, guns and gangs which have an adverse effect on the community. Drugs have been known to lead to health issues and, sometimes, death. Because the stakes are so high, drug charges can amount to long jail sentences and hefty penalties for those involved with using and distributing them.

Recently a large drug raid was under investigation, and it appears that nine men that could be facing drug charges. Authorities are on the lookout for one man who has not yet been found. The group of people in question allegedly were distributing a myriad of different drugs as well as "molly," which is a condensed version of ecstasy.

Massachusetts assault and battery: Man charged in alleged attacks

In Massachusetts, allegations of assault are taken very seriously and can be prosecuted aggressively. A conviction can lead to a lengthy jail or prison sentence, which can have a long-term impact on an individual's personal and professional life. A student at Endicott College must now come to terms with this possibility after being charged with aggravated assault and battery. He has been accused of randomly attacking three other students on campus in the early morning hours of Feb. 2.

According to police, the accused punched three people seemingly at random between 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. at the college's Beverly campus. Two of the students had to be hospitalized for their injuries. One was reported to be unconscious after the attack, having sustained a broken jaw. Another student was said to have suffered a fractured eye socket. The third student reportedly only suffered from minor injuries.

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