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Legal help for first-time DUI offenses

It may surprise you to learn that drunk driving is a criminal charge, meaning that you can face serious legal penalties for a conviction, including jail time. Most people are not familiar with the criminal justice system from the perspective of an accused criminal, so if you are charged with drunk driving, you may not fully understand your rights and what you can expect. This is especially true if it is your first time facing OUI offenses.

What are the legal consequences of vandalism?

When many people think of property crimes, they tend to think of instances in which one person takes the property of another person, such as theft or burglary. These may be the most notorious and infamous types of property crimes, but they are far from the only property crimes. One other type of property crime that many people may be familiar with is vandalism. However, while you may have heard the term vandalism, you may not fully understand vandalism in the eyes of the law.

As you are likely aware, vandalism refers to an instance in which someone's property is defaced or destroyed without the permission of the property owner. What is less clear is just how broad the concept of vandalism is. Vandalism includes issues of defacing such as breaking windows or graffiti but egging someone's car can also count as vandalism. Other acts such as slashing someone's tires or knocking down street signs qualify as vandalism and can carry legal consequences.

Capital punishment in Massachusetts

Quite simply, there is no form of criminal punishment more serious than capital punishment, commonly referred to as the death penalty. In many states throughout the country, those who are convicted of particularly heinous crimes, such as capital homicide, may find themselves facing the death penalty in the form of lethal injection or the electric chair. However, the death penalty is an extremely controversial topic, and there are many different groups lobbying to eradicate it or support it.

Massachusetts man arrested for drug crimes

No matter how serious your circumstances may seem, if you have been charged with drug crimes, it is in your best interests to consult with a defense attorney. You must remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, and you have rights that you can take advantage of. As hopeless as your circumstances may seem, there is a strong chance that an attorney can help you with your case and possibly even have your charges dropped.

Different defense options for different assault accusations

There are many different circumstances under which individuals can be accused of assault and battery, but regardless of the circumstances, the penalties of a conviction are serious and should not be taken lightly. Some of the most common circumstances involve bullying, domestic violence or abuse of a child, but there are other instances in which assault and battery may be alleged. If there is a weapon, the charges could be escalated to aggravated assault and battery, which will increase the penalties of a conviction.

Many different legal options exist that people can use in a trial to prove their innocence when accused of assault and battery, but we believe the best outcome is for charges to be dropped before a case even goes to trial. To accomplish this, we do all that we can to conduct a thorough investigation into the case that proves evidence against you is circumstantial, inconclusive or inadmissible.

Putting experience to work for those accused of theft

If you have been accused of a theft or property crime in Massachusetts, you need to take legal action in your defense as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove that you are guilty of the crime of which you are accused, and the more time you spend not preparing a legal defense, the less prepared you may be for the case that the prosecution prepares against you.

Our law firm has more than 25 years of experience handling criminal defense cases, including accusations of theft and property crimes. These years of experience can be crucial to helping you prove your innocence or have your sentences reduced when the odds seem stacked against you. Regardless of how dire things may seem, it is important to remember that your guilt must be proven, which means that any case is defensible.

What is the legal BAC limit in Massachusetts?

The state of Massachusetts takes cases of DWI and OUI very seriously, especially since the passage of Melanie's Law. This enhances the penalties for OUI, which is why it is even more important for Massachusetts residents to seek legal defense if they are charged with any kind of drunk driving allegations. Penalties range from fines and license suspension to jail time or community service.

Cocaine laws in Massachusetts

Nearly every American citizen has heard of cocaine, and most people are familiar with the drug as a highly illegal and extremely dangerous substance. There are many reasons that the substance is dangerous, including its addictive properties and the effects it has on consumers, and because of this, law enforcement officials take possible cocaine incidents very seriously. This is perhaps more true in Massachusetts than in some other states, where cocaine is among the most heavily trafficked illegal drugs.

Drunk driving conviction leads to at least 7 years in prison

Many people are aware that serious penalties come with a drunk driving conviction, which is why it is imperative that those accused of dui offenses take legal action in their defense as soon as possible. Even being accused of drunk driving can have an impact on your life and reputation, but a conviction will likely turn your life upside down. Each case is different, and it is impossible to tell exactly how any given case will play out, but a recent Massachusetts case shows how frightening a conviction can be.

Legal defense for assault and battery accusations

While the average person does not likely get into many physical altercations, and very few people actually seek such things out, there are times when individuals may lay hands on one another. If alcohol is involved and things get out of hand, it is conceivable that some punches might be thrown, but what starts out as two people in a heated disagreement could easily become a criminal investigation.

Physical altercations are usually unexpected, fast and chaotic, and yet in these hectic situations, the particular details can be the most important thing for someone accused of assault and battery. If you lay your hands on someone, even in self-defense, they may accuse you of assault and battery, and a conviction could mean serious legal fines or jail time. In order to establish your innocence, you need legal representation from an attorney who has experience dealing with assault and battery cases.

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http://www.salernolawoffices.com 877-WORC-LAW Attorney Anthony (Tony) M. Salerno in Worcester, Massachusetts handles criminal defense cases. For aggressive and professional representation, please contact the Worcester lawyer today.

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http://www.salernolawoffices.com 877-WORC-LAW Attorney Anthony (Tony) M. Salerno has been involved in the criminal justice system for the past 35 years. Contact the Worcester, Massachusetts lawyer for criminal defense representation.

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